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    Logo Design

    A selection of logo designs that were made for clients from all sorts of businesses and industries.

    Noormannen - Creative collective, Belgium

    Noormannen logo on mountain background Noormannen logo

    Snipfly - HTML editing software, Belgium

    Snipfly logo

    Kidsroem - Children's furniture store, Belgium

    Kidsroem logo

    Kempen Cyclocross - Cycling event, Belgium

    Kempen Cyclocross logo

    Linda Jackson - Creative parties, Belgium

    Linda Jackson logo

    AnDub - EDM producer, Estonia

    AnDub logo on dark background AnDub logo

    Lancaster - Men's fashion store (concept)

    Lancaster logo

    Nasa - Redesign (concept)

    Nasa logo concept on space background Nasa logo concept

    Hannes Pardeller - Financial advisor, Germany

    Hannes Pardeller logo

    Liberty - Sunglasses brand, USA

    Liberty logo

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