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    Logo Design | Branding | Collateral | Web Design | Marketing Strategy


    Mozaik is a tiles and bathroom shop founded in 1981 in Keszthely, Hungary. Its branding was starting to become outdated and was in need of a modern redesign, while still keeping the important heritage elements such as the base colour and unique building shape.


    The new branding combines Mozaik’s heritage with clean typography and graphics that complement the displays in the shop. This rebranding was carried out for the logo, collateral, promotional items, website and even social media strategies. Finally, Mozaik received an extensive brand guidelines book to ensure that future applications stay coherent with the current ones.

    First logo concepts

    Mozaik logo first concepts

    The new logo

    Mozaik logo final design

    Logo symbol construction

    Mozaik logo meaning

    Old vs new

    Mozaik logo old vs new comparison

    Logo animation - to be used at the end of a video ad

    Mozaik logo animation

    Collateral designs

    Mozaik branding

    Loyalty cards

    Business cards

    Promotional poster

    Poster design

    Newspaper ad

    Newspaper design

    Facebook cover designs and newsletter template

    Facebook covers and newsletter

    Trendline logo and sign - the branding for Mozaik's exclusive product line

    Trendline logo

    Website design

    Website on laptop Website desktop pages

    Mobile website

    Website mobile pages

    Snippet from the brand guidelines book

    Brand guidelines book

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